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  • Emergency/important phone numbers:
    Police / Fire / Medical Emergency: 911
    Property Management: Innhouse LLC - 608-371-9669
    Plumbing emergency: Sheldon Plumbing - 608-848-7460
        Plumbing emergencies are frozen/broken pipes that are actively leaking into the wall/living area. A clogged toilet or leaky faucet, for example, is not an Association emergency (danger to property), and those types of repairs are the responsibility of the unit owner.
    Parking: Prairieland Towing - 877-486-9669
        (if someone parks in your space)
    Electrical outage: Alliant Energy - 1-800-ALLIANT
    Locksmith: Capital Lock - 608-256-5625
        Capital Lock can re-key the door lock to work with West Towne Condominiumsí Sargent/Schlage master key.
    Cable: Charter Communications - 1-800-581-0081
    Satellite installation/activation: CTI - 608-846-5085
        CTI is the only company authorized to install/activate satellite dishes at West Towne Condominiums.
    West Towne Condominiums Owners Association, Inc. Founded 2004.